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3 Windows Calculator Applications That You Might Not Have Known


Windows 7 Calculator may at first look a simple calcultator just like Windows XP but it is much more than what looks like. You can do many amazing functions with windows 7 calculator. It can do functions of a scientific calculator, Programmer and Statistical calculator.

Though you may have known that the windows 7 calculator can do the functionalities that I have just mentioned but you may not be aware of the applications that it has in-built.

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You can do the following things in windows 7 calculator

  • Mortgage Calculation
  • Vehicle Calculation
  • Fuel Economy

Windows 7 Calculator Applications:

Mortgage Calculation:

windows 7 calculator app

Although calculating Mortgage is a simple mathematical calculation but many may not find it easy to calculate. People try online Mortgage calculator to get it done, but many don


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