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Piracy Is A Bad Idea: Why You Should Stop Pirating Software


Are you tired of paying for software? It is hard for many people to pay for pricey software.

That does not mean that you should pirate software. India is quite notorious for piracy. In fact, India is #41 in piracy rate list. Almost 69% of software in India is pirated.

In this post, I will discuss why you should not pirate software.

Pirated Software Can Get You Arrested

And before you say, “This does not happen in India”, let me tell you it does happen in India.

Take a look at this and this news article.

Indian copyright act has provision for


  1. Damian D.

    While I agree with your views Ishan, I believe that we still have a long way to go. Can you imagine not using the Microsoft Office suite of business apps? We are still long ways of getting rid of Word and Excel, and those apps are often not included in PCs around the world. For example, I lived in Mexico for 3 years and I was lucky enough to be working for one of the largest universities in the country, so I got all software for free through the university system. However, when I tried to get the licenses for private use, they were ridiculously expensive. I really hope that things are changing. On the Mac, I am huge fan of Skitch but I haven’t been able to find a good equivalent on Windows. Do you know of one?

  2. Alana

    Hi Ishan,
    You raise some really good points in the fight against software piracy. Now, I just wanted to add one that you left out; pirated software is not eligible to receive support in the event of a malfunction. At the same time, updating to a more advanced version becomes a problem with time if you don’t have the correct license.

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